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July 31st 2011


    In every company in America or for that matter the world there are employees who fail to follow the rules and illegally breach company policy and the law. Every company is aware of this and takes measures to monitor this failure in the work force. It is no surprise and is to be expected. Some companies set up video cameras others set up elaborate inventory systems. Training is almost always an important tool and of course oversight. A supervisor to insure that the employee is not only doing their work but not violating the law while doing their job.

    This is true of most all companies except a curious set of employers who uniquely fail to address these concerns in the manner that most human resource departments do. The police force in many major cities, to varying degrees, ignore the human phenomena of the recalcitrant employee. More is at stake both morally and financially yet somehow human resource departments in major cities and small towns fail to address what should be an expected deviance from the proper, expected, legal and moral code of conduct.

    Morally is of course the agreed idea that punishment is to be wielded by a judge or jury only after a judge or jury has found, based on evidence, that a person is guilty of an act which society disfavors. To allow punishment by the officer before the individual is charged with a crime invites arbitrary rule and in many cases violent retaliation by those whom are punished. It is also morally repugnant that one man can control another man at his whim and not at the direction and within the confines of the rules set by a popularly elected legislator. Slavery has been abolished.

    Financially the costs grossly outweigh costs of the flagrant employee in the private sector. Court verdicts alone can cost millions and this does not account for the manpower necessary to counter those lawsuits even when unsuccessful. Many cities tolerate problem officers who have multiple lawsuits brought and cost the city millions. Not a single private company would tolerate such activity. It makes little financial or moral sense to retain an employee who invites lawsuits.

    For any mayor or superintendent to proclaim that their police force is free from such failure to follow the law and policy is foolish. The responsible mayor proclaims its recognition of the ongoing failure in the human condition. That in response to such, the department is doing the utmost in addressing discovery and management. In other words firing, disciplining and training those individuals who would deviate from the law.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is the oft quoted saying. It takes great character to not abuse nearly unfettered power over the individual. Study after study have shown that, regardless of personal mind set, a person in a position of power begins to abuse that power.

    So no city or town can expect that at any given time their department is free from police brutality or corruption. That the greatest of controls must be in place and offending officers be disciplined and fired in short order when their mental and/or psychological ability is insufficient to maintain respect for the power they yield over the citizenry.



If steps were taken officers would not get so out of control for this to occur:

Kelly Thomas tased and beaten to death by sadistic animals wearing uniform.







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